Assuring your Comfort and Safety at all Times  today, more than ever, we value the trust you continue to place in Charlotte Cornelius Jewellery Design.

  • Deep clean each day.
  • Sanitise after each customer visit (which is one at a time or a couple if in same household/bubble).
  • We provide alcohol hand sanitiser at the door on entry and exit and we ask that you wear a face mask.
  • All jewellery will be steam cleaned and have professional ultrasonic cleaning after trying on or handling.
  • We have a desk screen for design appointments and we shall be wearing full face coverings.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.



It may all seem a little different and sterile, but rest assured we are the same warm and happy team that love to see you, hear your news and get involved in those exciting and special celebrations we all have and need in our lives! Warmest wishes Charlotte, Claire, Clare, Rob, Jo and Lara xxx