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Ready-made stacks

Perfect for brides or grooms looking for a snug fit,
or for making a right-hand ring statement



There is nothing quite so cool as a well curated stack of rings. But who has time to curate these days?

That's why we are delighted to introduce you to some new rings we've picked up from Charlotte Cornelius. Crafted in her Portsmouth workshop, these beautiful designs are sold as a set, taking away all the hassle.

These duos are also perfect for brides to be. Sold together, there will be no last-minute rush trying to find (or commission) a ring to sit snugly beneath your engagement ring. Instead, you can do it all at once with these custom-made couples. We call that a bridal revolution.

“Creating a right-hand ring stack is an art, as is finding the perfect wedding band to fit your engagement ring - as many newlyweds will tell you. By creating a ready-made pair, Charlotte Cornelius has removed a stress point and we can't thank her enough for it.”

- Rachael Taylor, The Jewellery Cut











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