The winning design!

Winning Design 2021 


It's doubly rewarding for us as we present the completed handmade ring to Dr Debbie Lashbrooke.

Our Design Competition winner, is mother to Lottie who has the rare genetic condition called Retts Syndrome and her design was inspired by the genetic research involved in the charity Reverse Retts. The DNA theme and the Bird in flight combine to make a wonderful finished piece which Debbie has donated to be auctioned at their Christmas Fund Raising Gala.

“We feel so blessed that not only did this years design competition give a fun and creative focus for so many of you who both entered & voted in your hundreds. We couldn’t be happier with the result as the winning ring will highlight the wonderful work going on to combat Retts syndrome and support their incredible families.

Thank you again to all who took part and you’ve plenty of time to get your creative juices flowing ready for next years challenge!"


The ring is even more stunning than we could have imagined. Every element of it tells a story and it really encapsulates the power and beauty of the building blocks of life. We can’t wait to see it auctioned to help bring us closer to the gene therapy for Rett Syndrome which will be life changing for our Lottie and many others. 
Best wishes Debbie
Dr. D A Lashbrooke 
Debbie's inspiration 
My beautiful daughter Lottie has Rett syndrome. She is locked into a body that can’t walk, talk or breathe as it should. Clinical studies have shown that this devastating condition can potentially be cured with gene therapy. Her freedom, and that of so many others with genetic disease can be unlocked by science. In a year when the understanding of DNA and genetics has given us a vaccine that will save many lives, the importance of science in giving us back our lives and liberty cannot be underestimated.
I am a GP and my artistic and design skills are most definitely not my strong point, but for me this ring symbolises freedom in its very purest sense. It would be donated for auction at the Reverse Rett London 2021 gala event.

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