Ocean Diamonds

Diamonds as Nature Intended

Deeply compelling… Ocean Diamonds are billions of years old diamonds carried through the torrent flow of rivers, bubbling and churning until they eventually end up in the Atlantic, settling between gullies or hidden within the seabeds along the coastline of Namibia.


These radiant diamonds are harvested by artisan divers who go out on small dive boats, they search by hand along the sea floor then bring the diamonds back to be sorted. This has absolutely no effect on our precious oceans or the environment. How cool is that?

With full provenance and the feel that nature put it there just for you, could this be the most romantic and environmental diamond of all? 

Wedding and engagement rings are so symbolic it is giving a little of yourself to the person you love - your thoughts and feelings, the essence of what makes you both.

We will capture and curate this in your precious wedding ring designs and then hand make by our skilled goldsmiths with incredible attention - uniquely for you. Knowing where our precious metals are sourced and the traceability of our stones has always been of the upmost importance to us. We use only recycled gold and silver, which is equal in quality to un-recycled precious metals.

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