Jewellery can hold deep sentimentality, remodelling is a very personal process where together we can create a new design for a much loved inherited jewellery piece, or create designs around beautiful gemstones you may already own!



"The most wonderful element of having our own onsite workshop and such a talented team is that it allows us to offer the most personal service of transforming inherited and old jewellery into beautiful one of a kind pieces which encapsulate so many memories and emotions.

With this recent example, our client brought in a bundle of sentimental but broken gold jewellery with various gem stones of different colours, shapes and sizes. Much of this jewellery had been given as gifts throughout her life and especially precious to her were gifts from her late father. We had plenty of gold to use so after discussion and several sketch ideas we agreed to make a cuff bangle based on our own signature bubble collection, handmade and custom set with scattered stones and diamonds.

All the gemstones were removed, the remaining gold melted down, milled out then the bubbles created and hand constructed into this stunning bangle all created from start to finish in our workshop. Working in an ever increasingly sustainable, ethical and environmentally conscious way is at the heart of everything we do here, so it is an absolute joy and privilege to breathe new life into unworn jewellery and create future generations inheritance." Charlotte Cornelius


We look forward to our first meeting to discover your style and the jewellery you would love to wear - always taking into consideration your ideal budget.

Mixing the old and the new


We recently had the pleasure of remodelling our client's own stones which we incorporated into the final design.  We created a diamond wave eternity ring which flows elegantly alongside an incredible show stopping Aquamarine Engagement ring.



Breathing new life into sentimental precious gemstones and jewellery, we love transforming these pieces that can be worn with pride and treasured for many years to come.  Do you have a stone you would like us to set? 

Please contact us for further guidance from our friendly team!